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Room at the Inn

CRC provides shelter to homeless individuals on the 3rd Sunday of every month, thanks to the generosity of our member-volunteers.

About Room at the Inn 

Room at the Inn is a community-based program providing emergency shelter for women and families in partnership with more than 50 interfaith congregations and organizations. Founded by the Sisters of Divine Providence in 1993, Room at the Inn provides a comprehensive program of support to women and families struggling with homelessness with compassion and dignity. It accounts for 16% of the beds available to homeless women and families.

Room at the Inn is a non-sectarian, non-discriminatory, 501(c)(3) agency, a member of the St. Louis County Homeless Service Providers Network, and an entry point to the St. Louis County Continuum of Care. Its goal is to provide safe, clean shelter and meals for women and families, and to help them regain self-sufficiency and prevent future episodes of homelessness.

Room at the Inn serves up to 20 people daily, about half of whom are children. It has a unique model, operating with a single day site and more than 50 night sites. During the day, Room at the Inn provides services to participants. In the evenings, two hosting congregations create a welcoming night-site environment. Partner congregations represent different faith traditions and a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Roles and Responsibilities

Room at the Inn provides:

  • Case management, to help clients identify and correct the root-cause issues for their homelessness

  • Physical and mental health evaluations, including evaluations and counseling for substance abuse, domestic violence and psychiatric issues

  • Goal setting assistance, referrals, transportation to appointments, and follow-up

  • Life-skill classes including financial management, parenting, job skills

  • Showers, laundry and kitchen facilities

  • Telephone, computer and Internet access

  • Housing placement assistance

CRC provides shelter and meals for up to 10 individuals (adults and children) once a month on the 4th Sunday of the month:

  • Transportation (pick-up and return to Room at the Inn)

  • Hospitality and fellowship

  • Sleeping arrangements, including bedding

  • Dinner and breakfast

We Need YOUR Support: Please become an “Innkeeper”

1. Three Sunday drivers to pick up guests from Providence Center in Bridgeton at 4:30 and drive guests to CRC. 
2. Three drivers Monday morning to pick up guests at CRC at 6:15 am and return them to Providence Center.
3. Three Sunday dinner volunteers to arrive at CRC at 4:30 pm having coordinated the menu with other cooks. Then they will prepare 
dinner, serve, and clean up. 
4. Volunteers to donate Monday breakfast by dropping it off Sunday at CRC. Breakfast can include milk, dry cereal, and breakfast bars.
5. Sunday greeters to arrive at CRC at 4:45 pm and stay until 7:00 pm to greet and help as needed. Volunteers can stay and eat dinner with guests.
6. Sunday hosts to arrive at CRC at 7:00 pm and stay to 9:00 pm.  Depending on what guests want, it may include playing with kids, having conversations, or just being there.
7. Sunday innkeepers to arrive at CRC at 8:45 pm and stay overnight.  They set up breakfast at 6:00 am and clean up after, and lock up CRC before leaving.

To volunteer, contact Sherri Lyss