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Young Adults

Young Adults at CRC

CRC actively seeks the involvement of young adults in all of our congregational programming, from Shabbat and holiday celebrations to social responsibility and adult education programs.

Many young adults attend CRC's High Holiday services each year. Our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services are held at the Chase Park Plaza, in the Central West End, and tickets are never required. In addition, our flexible "dues" policy allows individuals of all ages - including young adults - to consider joining CRC without worrying about their ability to pay.

Next Dor

In addition to the activities at CRC, we have a close relationship with Next Dor ("Dor" means "Generation" in Hebrew), which rents the house next door to our building. Next Dor, supported by the broader St. Louis Jewish community as well as by CRC, operates as a vibrant center of activity for Jewish young adults, with a wide variety of programming and shared community space. Dozens of Jewish young adults go to Next Dor each month for activities such as Yoga, Shabbat Dinners, and educational programs. For more information about Next Dor, check out http://www.nextdorstl.org/ and http://www.facebook.com/nextdorstl.