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Interfaith Families

Interfaith couples, families, and households are and always have been fully included at CRC. All members of interfaith families are invited to participate in worship, community, and education to the degree that they are interested.

All three of our rabbis conduct interfaith wedding ceremonies, either alone or together with clergy of another faith tradition.

Interfaith families are a vibrant part of our community and are represented on our Board of Directors, our staff, and in every facet of congregational life.

Interfaith Couples Workshops

For those who are interested, CRC offers an annual series of workshops for interfaith couples. The series is conducted with support from Rabbi Susan Talve and Rabbi Randy Fleisher.

Topics Include:

  • What does my religion mean to me? Why is religion important in my life? Why is religion important in our life as a couple?

  • Holidays and the December Dilemma. How do we celebrate and respect each other’s holidays throughout the year? And specifically for this season, how do we honor both Hanukkah and Christmas?

  • The “C” word. What about children?

  • Lifecycle events. How do we commemorate and honor our own wedding, births of our children, coming of age, and death, mourning, and burial?

  • A panel of interfaith couples who have been living these issues will tell their stories and answer questions

  • Shared Shabbat Dinner. We will share a Shabbat Dinner together at CRC and explore the questions: How do we celebrate Shabbat in a way that includes the partner of another faith and wisdom and words from other paths? How do we make Shabbat meaningful for our family?

For information on the next Interfaith Workshop Series, please contact Jen Fishering at 314.361.1564 ext. 101 or jenf@centralreform.org.