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Families with Tweens & Teens

CRC has many places for tweens, teens and their families to get involved!

All teens and tweens should check out CRC’s unique and exciting Teen Programs for students in grades 7-12, as well as your Youth Group for students in grades 9-12. Both are described in the “Lifelong Learning” section of the website.

Most CRC holiday celebrations are appropriate for families with tweens and teens to enjoy together.

Our annual Congregational Retreat is fun and engaging for all ages.

Finally, many of our Tikkun Olam programs are great for families with tweens and teens to do together. Some of our recent and upcoming programs that are great for families of this age include our annual Weatherization project, the upcoming Jewish-Muslim Day of Service on Christmas Day, food and clothing drives throughout the year, the annual Pride Parade, and our summer volunteer project at the SLU Pediatric Clinic.

If you have any questions about whether an upcoming program is appropriate for your family or household, or if you are looking for advice on where to get involved, feel free to contact Jen Fishering at jenf@centralreform.org.