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Funerals/Memorial Services

Deepest condolences if you are reading this page because you recently experienced the death of a loved one.

CRC's rabbis conduct funeral and memorial services, both at CRC and at the gravesite, and will work with you to plan a service that is meaningful to you and your family.

Please contact us as soon as possible after a death so we may begin planning for the service. The best person to contact is Jen Fishering, Assistant to the Rabbis, at 314-361-1565 ext. 101 or jenf@centralreform.org. Jen will help put you in touch with one or more of the CRC rabbis.

If you are trying to reach us on the weekend, you may call and leave a voicemail for the rabbis at (314) 361-1564 ext. 103 (Susan) and ext. 111 (Randy).

In addition, you may call Berger Memorial Chapel at 314-361-0622 or Rindskopf-Roth Funeral Chapel at 314-367-0438 for help in planning a funeral or memorial service.