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Celebrating Educational Milestones

Lifelong learning is a CRC core value and an important part of our Jewish tradition. CRC's youth participate in three important ceremonies throughout their education, marking important milestones along the way.

For more information about b'nai mitzvah and confirmation, please visit the "Lifecycle Events" section of our website.


Consecration, held in Kindergarten, marks the beginning of a child's religious education at CRC. At this short ceremony, each child is given a miniature Torah of their own to celebrate the beginning of what we hope will be a lifelong journey of study and learning. Consecration at CRC is usually held at our Simchat Torah celebration, to allow the whole community to rejoice with our young learners.

B'nai Mitzvah

The bar or bat mitzvah ceremony (held after a boy's 13th birthday or a girl's 12th birthday) is an important Jewish "coming of age" ritual. Traditionally, the bar or bat mitzvah (plural, b'nai mitzvah) marks a young person's entry into "adulthood" with their acceptance of the commandments by which their Jewish community abides. 

At CRC, the bar or bat mitzvah ceremony is a recognition of an important milestone in an individual's life and education, an opportunity to celebrate what they have accomplished so far and commit to living according to Jewish values of lifelong learning, community and tikkun olam - repair of the world. Some of our b'nai mitzvah students are well past their 12th and 13th birthdays, celebrated by adults of all ages who did not have a bar or bat mitzvah ceremony as a youth or by adults who would like to reaffirm their commitments. 

Most bar and bat mitzvah services are held during a Saturday Shabbat service at CRC. The majority are held during Saturday morning services, but some families opt for a Havdalah service, the service which marks the end of Shabbat, which takes place in the late afternoon on Saturday.


Confirmation, held at the end of 10th grade, is another opportunity for our young people to affirm their commitment and to share what they have learned about their faith and themselves with their family members and with the CRC community. Confirmands participate in CRC's 10th grade Confirmation program and participate in a ceremony at a Friday night Shabbat service.

While Confirmation is the last formal ceremony recognizing educational achievements, we hope that it is really the beginning of a full life of learning for our students!