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Education Mission

The mission of the Central Reform Congregation (CRC) Education Department is to create an environment of lifelong learning in which congregants create Jewish connections to family, community, God, Torah, and Israel. The educational programs reflect the congregation's core values. The curriculum includes active pursuit of Tzedakah, Tikkun Olam, T'filah, and Shalom. The programs and policies reflect this mission and are guided by the following vision statements:

Our community:

  • We are a community of intergenerational learners; as individuals, as members of households, and at all ages we teach and learn from one another

  • We represent a wide diversity of Jewish backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and styles.

  • We continually work to provide a safe environment in which diversity is not only respected, but welcomed and encouraged.

  • We strive to create a path of Jewish learning that is open to all and without obstacles.

Our environment:

  • Sukkat Shalom (Shelter of Peace): We feel safe to ask questions and reflect on our beliefs. We are willing to honestly discuss and share our thoughts and experiences.

  • Kavod (Respect): Rabbis, congregants, teachers, and students show their respect for each other through careful listening and by considering ideas and opinions different from their own.

  • Simcha (Joy): We enter with open hearts and eager minds. Teachers make their content interesting and use a variety of approaches to accommodate different learning styles. Students participate and willingly try new things.

  • L'asok b'divrei Torah (Study): We focus on content that is stimulating and meaningful. We thoughtfully embrace the many levels of learning: the Peshat, surface meaning; the Remez, allusions and allegories; the Derash, meanings relevant to our lives; and the Sod, the hidden and secret.

  • Norah (Wonder): We understand the importance of wonder and awe, and make space to appreciate every aspect of the universe.

Our curriculum:

  • Our curriculum embraces the holy traditions of Torah, fosters a desire for lifelong study, promotes a love of Judaism, and honors the diversity of our community.

  • At every level we include teaching, discussion, and modeling of Jewish values.

  • We strive to develop and implement the most dynamic, innovative, and engaging programs possible.

  • We believe the bar/bat mitzvah and confirmation experiences are important milestones along the journey, but not destinations unto themselves.

  • We share resources and encourage reciprocal learning with other communities.