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Lifelong Learning - Education Programs at CRC

Lifelong Learning at CRC

Lifelong education has been a key priority for CRC since our earliest days. Our mission statement reads, in part, that we intend "To pursue our interests in Jewish education of all members of the Congregation in a manner which is challenging and participatory." One of our core values is "An insatiable appetite for education. At all age levels, we are a congregation of eager learners and will aggressively support Jewish education."

The CRC Education Program promotes Jewish connections to family, community, God, Torah, and Israel through exploration of Tzedakah, Tikkun Olam, Freedom, Peace, and the Power of Ritual. We offer creative, innovative education programs for learners of all ages.

CRC's Education Department engages in regular self-evaluation and assessment seeking input from the rabbis, the Education Steering Committee, teachers, congregants, and other participants.

Whatever your age or interests, we invite you to join us for an upcoming education program. Please explore this part of the website to learn more about our Education Mission and our programs!