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Tisha B’Av

Tisha B'Av is the ninth day of the month of Av and the saddest day on the Jewish calendar. Traditionally, Tisha B'Av remembers the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, our metaphor for ultimate sadness and loss. This day of mourning is also a fast day.

CRC has reclaimed this holiday as an essential part of our holy day cycle; it is our custom to meet for fellowship followed by a service. Just as we cannot accept the responsibilities of the freedom that Passover brings without first having the fun of Purim, so we cannot be ready for the hope and joy of a New Year without doing the work of ultimate mourning and letting go of the sadness of loss on the Ninth of Av. On Tisha B’Av we are asked to face our greatest fears and our greatest sadness as a community so that we may continue the work of our healing and, each year, be ready at Rosh HaShanah to begin at a higher, less painful, more conscious place. 

CRC's Tisha B'Av Observance

We meet for fellowship and eggs (the traditional Tisha B'Av food) at 7:30 pm, with a service following at 8:00 pm.