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Updated* August 19, 2016 / 15 Av 5776



Hilary Engelhardt

Bert Coleman

Claire Jacobs

Albert Postar

Tom Zant

Zelda Sparks

Sue Rosenthal 

Sara Winkelman

Richard Ehrlich

Yvonne Lewis 

Charlotte Futterman 

Sandy Jaffe

Marsha Kreisman 

Steve Ferman

Tom Matejka

Margie Wilson

Roland Ounanian

Ralph Wafer

Mark Maloney

Liz Shen

Dina Young 

Paulette Friedman 

Kathy Davenport

Richard Katz

Linda Holtzman

Lesa Bro

wn and Family 

Lois Loomstein

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Healing Prayer

open my lips that my mouth may declare your praise.
As those who came before us were blessed
in the presence of the communities that sustained them,
so we offer our blessings for those among us in need of healing.
may each of those we pray for have comfort and relief
in the healing of body and mind,
and may each one return in time
to health and wholeness and strength.
(Marcia Falk, edited)

Mi shebeirach avoteinu v'imoteinu, yivarech et hacholim.
Lizkor l'refuah sheleimah.
May the One who blessed our fathers
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
and our mothers
Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah,
cause healing for those who are ill.
Remember for complete healing. ---

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Bless this holy congregation
and all who are with them.
May God bless those who form
synagogues for prayer,
and those who come to pray.
May God bless those who give
the lamps for lighting,
the wine for Kiddush and Havdalah,
bread for travelers,
and tzedakah to the poor,
and all who occupy themselves
with the needs of others.
May the holy one bless them
and remove from them all sickness,
heal their bodies, their spirits,
and send blessing and prosperity
to all the works of their hands,
as well as to all Israel,
our brothers and sisters,
and let us say, amen.


Healing Prayer List Disclaimer  

Please be aware that names added to the CRC healing prayer list are out in the public domain. When you add someone to the list, we ask that you make them aware the list is public and make sure that it is okay with them.

As always, when your loved one’s health improves, let us know so their name can be removed from the list. It is important that the healing prayer list remain current. If we do not hear from you regarding the status of your loved one, the name will be removed from the list after six months.

Contact Joy Lieberman at (314) 361-1564 ext. 109 / joy@centralreform.org with additions, corrections and deletions to the MiSheberach List.