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Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

Central Reform Congregation represents the coming together of a diverse and inclusive group of individuals and families who accept the responsibility of maintaining a congregational community of respect and friendship. Through a process of non-judgmental expression, we encourage a commitment to the life-long search for appropriate questions and new insights. Central Reform provides a home for our children and our community where we strive to create an environment of warmth, caring, growth and commitment.

The members of Central Reform Congregation, together, seek:

  • To create opportunities for expression of our Jewish spirituality and values;

  • To sustain our activities at a budgetary level appropriate to our commitment, objectives and our members' resources;

  • To provide appropriate Rabbinical support to the Congregation and from the Congregation to the Rabbis who serve us.

  • To pursue our interests in Jewish education of all members of the Congregation in a manner which is challenging and participatory;

  • To develop a flexibility in our liturgy using language that is creative, non-sexist, and non-hierarchical;

  • To support one another as we experience the life process; and

  • To become a moral force in the larger Jewish and non-Jewish communities through appropriate projects and actions.

Our Core Values

Our core values are central to everything we do and serve as guideposts for prioritizing our activities.

A deep sense of community where we, in part, draw strength from each other by connecting both in crisis and in celebration. It is a community that strives to make Judaism relevant and meaningful in the lives of its members.

A respect for diversity including the valuing and sharing between generations and inclusiveness of all who seek to be a part of our community.

A focus on others through commitment to social issues and a reaching out to the broader community. This is further supported by a deep belief in the possibilities of Tikkun Olam-the repair of the world.

An expectation of participation by all its members. To a large extent the activities and the governance of the congregation are only possible through the active involvement of members.

A lay-led congregation with a devotion to but not over-dependence on the Rabbi. 

An open, accepting and safe environment where members feel they can "experiment" in expressions of their Judaism.

An insatiable appetite for education. At all age levels, we are a congregation of eager learners and will aggressively support Jewish education.

An embrace of struggle as a way to continually challenge and grow our beliefs as individuals, as a congregation and as members of the broader Jewish community.

A sense of humor to ensure that we never get in our own way as we try to build and maintain respect, authentic, intimate Jewish community for all who seek us out and call us their community.

A fiscally responsible congregation.

An urban congregation committed to being a Jewish presence in the City of St. Louis and dedicated to remaining in the City.