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Whether you are a member or a friend, you are welcome at CRC. Please join us at our upcoming services, programs or events.

A Wonderful Opportunity for CRC Members - 
Melton Program of Adult Jewish Learning with CRC and Bais Abe

Program will begin October 28 and continue weekly on Wednesdays
from 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Are you looking for a profound understanding of what it means to be Jewish? Join us to explore the texts of our tradition and discover how they relate to us today. And it will be fun, too! This will be a true pluralistic experience, as the teachers will be our CRC rabbis and the rabbi/maharat from Bais Abe.

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is the largest pluralistic adult Jewish education network in the world. The Melton School sets the standard for high-quality, text-based, interactive Jewish study by offering world-class curriculum that informs and inspire adult learners from all knowledge-levels and backgrounds.

Scholarships will be available. To register, please click here. For more information, please contact Rabbi Deana at (314) 361-1564, ext. 113 or deana@centralreform.org.

For Shabbat Shuvuh, Rabbi Deana delivered a beautiful teaching on Israel. Because it articulates many of the questions we, as a liberal Jewish community, struggle with when we speak about Israel, we wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to read it by clicking here.

Witness the Installation of our Amazing New Floor!

After 15 years of dreaming, and two years of working together with artist Siona Benjamin, the privately funded Zodiac Floor of CRC has been installed in the Oneg. Inspired by mosaic floors in the synagogues of ancient Israel our floor takes us through the cycle of the Jewish holidays and connects them to circles of zodiac signs, Hebrew months, and the tribes of Israel.

We hope you enjoy the time lapse video of the installation attached and will come to CRC to explore and discover the many secrets in the teachings and beauty of our floor.

The Oneg Floor

You may have noticed that there has been some construction going on here at CRC. As Rabbi Susan wrote back in May, we struggled for years on a design and process for our floor. The Indian Jewish artist, Siona Benjamin, with input from our architect and original building committee, has worked for a year on a painting that will be transferred to ceramic tile and installed in the Oneg in August.  The fifteen foot in diameter artwork takes us through the holidays in an imaginative way that will be a great teaching tool for all ages.  There are hidden faces and moons and other symbols that we hope will spark discussion and deepen our understanding of how the holidays are connected and how they can be meaningful in our lives today.  The inner circles are based on a teaching from the Talmud that connect the zodiac signs, Hebrew months and tribes.  The inner circle evokes both Dina, the daughter of Jacob and Leah who did not get a tribe and the Shechinah, the in dwelling of Godliness that is also depicted on the tzedakah box located at the entrance to the sanctuary. 

The Sin of Neutrality

Rabbi Deana wrote a powerful message about the Sin of Neutrality that truly resonates with our feelings about recent events. Please click here to read her beautiful words. 

PrideFest 2015 a Huge Success!

Rainbow flags were in full force Sunday in many major cities across the U.S. celebrating in annual Gay Pride parades on a particularly historic weekend. St. Louis was no different, and our Jewish Communities brigade was out in full force. Not only we we the largest faith-based group marching in the parade, we very well may have been the largest group overall.

To look at more pictures courtesy of Philip Deitch, please click here!

Blessing Buddy Spotlight - Robert "Honi" Fishbone and David Kaskowitz

I knew during our first phone call that David Kaskowitz (pictured right) and I would be a good match in the Blessing Buddy Program. “So David”, I innocently stated, “I’ve heard you’re 90.”  “Oh no!,” he emphatically replied, “I’m 89!”

Thus began what has turned out to be a very pleasant relationship which includes a lot of laughter and joking around, exactly the kind of medicine we all need.  Learning about David’s life has been a great gift to me, as has been sharing my own with him.  We see each other every 2-3 weeks.

David was born in Poland in 1924.  When he was 6, he and his mother came to the U.S. to join his father in St. Louis who had been here three years. They lived around North Grand which was a Jewish enclave. An uncle gave them a house to live in, with an apartment they could rent out for added income.

David’s parents were Orthodox and spoke Yiddish, which David can still speak some today. During his early school years a teacher noticed and encouraged his aptitude for art and thus began a lifelong passion.  After serving at a posting in New Orleans during WW2, he used the GI Bill to attend Wash U Art School where he met Dorothy, his wife to be. They would often go to Union Station with a couple other students and draw people who were alseep, waiting for their trains the next day.

During art school he was able to go to Paris to study with the French artist Fernand Léger at the famous Folies Begere.  But he found his time in Paris weighing on him, so far from home, and it was Dorothy’s letters to him that provided a lifeline.  Upon returning to NYC on the Queen Mary, on Valentine’s Day, she was waiting for him at the end of the gangplank in NYC. They married later that year and had two children, Rochelle and Donald.

David held a number of jobs in retail clothing stores, worked as an elevator operator, then got his last job at the Yellow Pages illustrating ads. He was there for 30 years.

His initial connection to CRC was not atypical.  When Dorothy died about 15 years ago, Rabbi Talve officiated at the funeral, not even knowing them.  She made the experience so meaningful, so personal, that he was drawn to the congregation where he can be seen many Shabbat mornings, often next to his friend Mark Maloney whom he picks up on his way to services…yes, David still drives.

David and I have spent time in each other’s homes (he always has snacks waiting at his). And I once gave him a tour of mural work that my late wife Sarah and I had done around town.

David had a retrospective at the Ethical Society in 2013 and continues to do weekly figure drawing at UMSL.  He has also exhibited at Crown Center where he lives. He now prefers to use markers as there is a broad spectrum of colors available and unlike using paint which is always very involving, and messy, “I can just take the top off and draw”, he said with an impish smile.

While our art background is an obvious connection, it is more our willingness to just spend time together that is the value of being in the Blessing Buddy Program.  We both know the preciousness of life, how quickly it goes by, how at any moment it can be altered by the greatest losses, and the greatest joys.

Gratitude and acceptance are the keys to moving with life, as is a faith in the Divine.  David’s life is a testament to how one can honor this gift we are given. I am blessed to have him as a buddy.

To sign up for the Blessing Buddy Program, or for more information, please contact Wendy Bell at (314) 361-1564, ext. 104 or wendy@centralreform.org.

CRC Got Engaged!

On May 14, over 100 people joined us last night for an amazing opportunity to get engaged with CRC. We first gathered in the multipurpose room for a delicious pizza dinner and great conversation with our fellow members. We then made our way into the sanctuary, where Rabbi Randy gave us an inspiring teaching about the Erev Rav, the Mixed Multitudes (which was very high tech, so let's give it up to Rabbi Randy!). We then split up into committee meetings where participants learned about the various ways they can get involved at CRC. Be sure and click here to learn about all of our wonderful opportunities for YOU.

CRC Rocked STL Gives Day...Thanks to YOU

Thanks to your dedication, CRC raised over $5,400 from over 100 unique donors, far surpassing our expectations! This was such an incredible day and we truly enjoyed sharing stories about all the wonderful work our rabbis, volunteers, staff, members, not quite members, community partners, and others do to build this world from love. We're so proud to be a part of this community and to call you our supporters and friends. Thank you for everything you do!


CRC MLK Celebration

The Joint Venture celebration was an extremely moving and important gathering. The sanctuary was filled to the brim with members of both CRC and Christ the King. Our rabbis and Reverend Blackmon spoke beautifully and the dialogues among participants will play a role in helping our city heal. Please enjoy the pictures below, courtesy of Lisa Mandel. Click here to view more pictures.

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Live-Streaming Kabbalat Shabbat Services

We are now live-streaming our Friday night services. Click the "U" button (USTREAM) on the bottom of the left panel. In the search window (top, center), enter central reform congregation Shabbat, and click on LIVE. We will archive the services and these will be available for later viewing on the site.

In the same panel, you can connect to our Facebook page, our Twitter page, and directly e-mail CRC.

Connecting at CRC...

Our recent CRC Engagement event brought out many CRC members and potential members who explored how they could become involved in the life and work of CRC. Didn't make it or are curious? Click here to read the details of our opportunities. Click here to let us know your interests.

Your Library: Our Sifriat Shalom

CRC Library Catalogue

Looks like every other link? Yes, but this one is the key to our on-line catalog of books. You can check by author, title or subject matter to see what books we own and which of them are available for check-out, i.e. “IN.”  The option to reserve items on-line is  not yet available. Try it. See what we have and visit the library when you are here.

October University Series with Rabbi Deana: Knowing the Narratives of Israel and Palestine 

Tuesdays in October, 7:00 pm

srael is a land of many peoples and many histories; she is a land of multiple truths. What are some of the issues that Israel is facing today? What are the narratives of the people who live there and encounter the tensions every day as they continue to search for peace? This class will explore some of the issues that deal with questions of Israel’s identity. What are her priorities? What are the tensions? We will explore religious pluralism in Israel, the tensions between being a Jewish State and a democracy, the questions of coexistence and peace with our neighbors, the gender divide in Israel, and much, much more. Together, we will create a safe space where authentic dialogue can take place and make room for the diversity of opinions and emotions that speak to our varied relationships with Israel. We hope to see you there!

October Social Responsibility Shabbat

Friday, October 9, 7:30 pm

About a year ago, CRC members Ken Chackes and Susan Carlson, along with members of their law firm, helped lead a rally on the streets of downtown St. Louis demanding justice for victims of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy. And the issue has, unfortunately, still not gone away. 

For October’s Social Responsibility Shabbat, we are grateful to welcome Ken and Susan, who will discuss their pursuit of justice on behalf of their clients, as well as the widespread problem of sexual abuse in communities of faith.

For more than 30 years Ken Chackes has been representing individuals whose legal rights have been violated. Ken’s current practice is focused on sexual abuse law, employment law, and disability rights. 

Susan Carlson has over 35 years of experience representing clients in federal and state courts and in various types of civil litigation. She also had the honor of being elected to the Missouri House of Representatives, representing parts of St. Louis City and County around Forest Park, from 2011 to 2013.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Bernstein at (314) 361-1564, ext. 117 or jenniferb@centralreform.org.

CRC is proud to be an active member of Missouri Health Care for All

Click here to learn more.


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